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The Power Of Now : A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment
Author: Eckhart Tolle
ISBN: 9788190105910
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2001
Publisher: Yogi Impressions
Number of Pages: 0
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About Book
The Power Of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment is a book that teaches its readers how to find a path that leads one to find inner peace and tranquility. The Power of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, a spiritual journey that has no religious affiliations. The book uses ancient wisdom and insights to show people how they can achieve a sense of peace and well-being by learning to recognize who they really are. For this, the author first distinguishes between the Manifested and the Unmanifested. The Manifested beings include all the varied life forms that experience the cycle of birth and death. The author, Eckhart Tolle, then speaks of one supreme entity, the Unmanifested, which he terms as ‘The Being’. Tolle says that a person’s mind does not really define the person, although people assume that they are the result of years of social and cultural conditioning, and their minds’ perceptions. He says there is a deeper presence in every individual that voices out one’s thoughts. He also talks about how a person’s ego holds him back from connecting with the universe, creating an illusion of separation. He stresses on the importance of letting go of all the confusion and chaos created by the mind and identifying the inner presence, which will help one achieve ‘the joy of being’. The book invites people to live in the present (‘the now’, as it is termed), without fighting against the ultimate reality of what exists, in order to achieve tranquility and peace of mind. This positive state can help people avoid rash decisions and put things in perspective before taking a call. The book’s deep insights into unlocking the human consciousness by surrendering to the ‘Now’ can help readers find a deeper meaning to life, in addition to giving them new ways in which they can handle problems.
About Author
Eckhart Tolle is a popular author and public speaker. He was born in Germany and later moved to England, but for now stays in Canada. Tolle has written other philosophically similar books like A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose, Practicing The Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations And Exercises From The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks, and Guardians of Being. Tolle was born in Germany in the year 1948, and studied at the University of London. He was a Research Scholar at Cambridge University. In the year 1977, after suffering through random periods of depression, he experienced a spiritual transformation that changed his life. He spent the next few years exploring and understanding this phenomenon, and started teaching his philosophy to others.
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