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Indian Buddhist Theories Of Persons : Vasubandhu S Refutation Of The Theory Of A Self
Author: James Duerlinger
ISBN: 9780415318358
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2005
Publisher: Routledge
Number of Pages: 320
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About Book
In this book, Vasubandhu's classic work Refutation of the Theory of a Self is translated and provided with an introduction and commentary. The translation, the first into a modern Western language from the Sanskrit text, is intended for use by those who wish to begin a careful philosophical study of Indian Buddhist theories of persons. Special features of the introduction and commentary are their extensive explanations of the arguments for the theories of persons of Vasubandhu and the Pudgalav?dines, the Buddhist philosophers whose theory is the central target of Vasubandhu's refutation of the theory of a self.
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