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Jaipur Quilts
Author: Krystyna Hellestrom Foreword Dharmendar Kanwar
ISBN: 9788192091259
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2012
Publisher: Niyogi Books Offset Pvt. Ltd.
Number of Pages: 200
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About Book
Every winter as the mercury plummets to a new low each day in northern India, the demand for Rajasthani quilts - popularly known as the Jaipur Razai - is on the rise. It is a seasonal phenomenon and shops indulge in brisk trade. These quilts are handmade, lightweight yet warm and soft, coming in a wide variety of designs and colour tones, extensively using the traditional Indian colour palette and motifs. Meant for everyday use in winter and whose origins can be traced back to the caravan routes of nomadic tribes, Jaipur razais also serve as stylish pieces of traditional handicraft and art. Designing of quilts in India is a unique combination of experience, traditional values and interests. Quilts are fragments of history with stories to be documented and preserved.
About Author
Krystyna Hellstrom was born in Poland and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She studied interior design in Florence, Italy, and History of Art at Lund University, Sweden. Her thesis was on Jaipur and Provencal quilts.
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