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The Buddhist Path To Awakening
Author: R. M. L. Gethin
ISBN: 9781851682850
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2007
Publisher: Viva Books Pvt. Ltd
Number of Pages: 400
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About Book
In this new edition of an authoritative and critically acclaimed book, Rupert Gethin traces the path to enlightenment as it is found in 37 pieces of Buddhist psychological analysis, collectively known as the bodhi-pakkhiya dhamma. The result is a thorough and engrossing piece of work, which approaches the topic of spiritual awakening from a Buddhist rather than a western point of view, and which gives a unique insight into the development of mystic consciousness, and the nature of mystic experience.
About Author
Rupert Gethin is a Lecturer in Indian Religions and Co-Director of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol. He has published several books on the subject of Buddhist throught and literature, including The Foundations of Buddhism (Oxford University Press).
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