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Princes & Painters in Mughal Delhi 1707-1857
Author: William Dalrymple & Yuthika Sharma, Ed.
ISBN: 9780143419068
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2012
Publisher: Penguin
Number of Pages: 212
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About Book
A dazzling celebration of the art and artists of late-Mughal Delhi Between 1707 and 1857, Delhi was a hotbed of political intrigue and power struggles the Mughal Empire was on the decline and the British East India Company was emerging as a formidable power. In 1857, these tensions would culminate in the Mutiny that led to the end of Mughal dominion and the beginning of the British Raj. But this turbulent epoch also witnessed a burst of artistic innovation and experimentation. Delhis artists were increasingly employed by Company officials as well as the Mughal and regional courts, and thus became adept at improvising with a variety of techniques, creating traditional miniatures while continually experimenting with new European styles. Art historians are only now coming to recognize the richness and ingenuity of the work created in this period. With insightful essays by distinguished scholars, Princes and Painters is a stunning visual document of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Delhi.
About Author
William Dalrymple is an award-winning writer, historian, and co-director of the Jaipur Literature Festival. Yuthika Sharma received a PhD in South Asian art and architecture from Columbia University and a doctorate in design from Harvard University.
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