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Revealing The Art Of Natyasastra
Author: Narayanan Chittoor Namboodiripad
ISBN: 9788121512183
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2012
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal
Number of Pages: 196
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About Book
This book unveils the secret world of Indian classical theatre?the fundamental principles of sublime grace, stage presence, and effective communication of emotions. It analyzes the techniques of Centripetal Effect, Centre Point, and the Introspective Illusion that influence the presentation of plays. It also analyzes the secret of grace. Bharata Muni has given an unbelievably detailed study of the facial muscles and head movements. He orders What to do but not Why? The first chapter gives the rationale behind every sloka dealing with this. The second chapter (Acting with the Face) and the third chapter (Acting with the Body)?both analyze the logic of using various parts of the body to create bhava. This book is unique since it studies the unrevealed secret of dramaturgy; no other work has ever attempted such a logical study of grace and bhava.
About Author
Narayanan Chittoor Namboodiripad belongs to the ancient Brahmin family, Chittoor Mana. Son of Sankaran Namboodiripad, the Yajuroeda exponent and Uma Antharjanam, Narayanan Namboodiripad is the descendant ofVasudevan Namboodiripad. the greatest Godman of the fifteenth century. Fate willed that Narayanan Namboodiripad be the spiritual heir, the ordained member of the family to perform Vasudevan Namboodiripads daily puja. Luck made him the first Namboodiripad to receive mantra initiation from H.H. Sankaracarva Abhinava Vidva Tirtha Mahaswamigal of Srngeri. He acted as the President of the Adi Sankara Twelfth Centenary Celebrations and the Digvijayayatra which carried the Sankara-jyoti from Kalady to Kedaranatha, He married Smt Saviihry and has two sons: Sanil C. Namboodiripad, BTech, MBA and Nimal C. Nambcodiripad, MBA. His published books include, The Adobe of Wisdom; The Adobe of Excellence; True Blue Flame; A Blissful Pilgrimage; Narayana Nauakas; Kshema N
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