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God & Destiny : The Supreme Knowledge
Author: Vivake Pathak
ISBN: 9788129113870
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2009
Publisher: Rupa & Co.
Number of Pages: 242
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About Book
God and Destiny is the first book which tells correctly and exactly what God is and reveals his true attributes and influence. In the process it also shows that whatever has to happen in the universe in the future, including whatever has to happen in our lives in the future, is predestined and absolutely unchangeable. In the light of the knowledge of God, it brings out the truth from and behind the key beliefs of the major theistic religions
About Author
Vivake Pathak has taken a keen interest in philosophical, spiritual, and religious topics from his childhood. Steadily, the highest spiritual state become his aim, and at fourteen he started trying to achieve it sincerely. During his efforts he experimented with meditation, truth, desire, ego, selfless work, doubt, feelings, and so on. Through these efforts and experimentation, aided by his aptitude in science, he realised the absolute predestinedness of future when he turned twenty-one and found God by the age of twenty-five.
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