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Through Time Into Healing
Author: Brian Weiss
ISBN: 9780749918354
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2010
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Number of Pages: 202
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About Book
Through Time Into Healing: How Past Life Regression Therapy Can Heal Mind, Body And Soul by Brian Weiss is the result of extensive research carried out by the psychologist on the use of one’s past experiences in mind therapy. Dr. Weiss has highlighted the successes that he has achieved using past life regression therapy and has explained the changes in the mental and physical health of his patients. There are several citations in the book about the pattern of treatment that he has adopted to cure physical ailments by treating the mind. He has even helped his patients overcome issues like obesity and addiction. In this book, Weiss has illustrated how regression therapy has been helpful in improving relationships and bringing to the fore the special talents in an individual. This revolutionary treatment also claims to provide relief from mental stress and thereby helps in providing stability and mental peace. The book serves an an ideal text for those who are interested in learning more about such therapy.
About Author
Dr. Brian Weiss graduated from Yale Medical School in Psychiatry. He runs his private practice in Florida. Weiss has previously served at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre as the Chairman of Psychiatry, and has written several bestselling books like Only Love Is Real: A Story Of Soulmates Reunited, Messages From The Masters: Tapping Into The Power Of Love, and Many Lives, Many Masters.
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