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India Splendour And Colour
Author: Suzanne Held & Louis Frederic
ISBN: 9788187107439
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2005
Publisher: Om Books International
Number of Pages: 237
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About Book
It is a great enigma, a land that defies description. A panorama of myriad landscapes painted with contrasts and confluences. A great Ancient Civilization that invests itself with a past that is not only resplendent with a vide range of forts and palaces but a present that is forever jostling with challenges. Vibrant with raw energy, India gradually unfolds itself to spellbound visitors with varied interests : from the tranquility of Sun and sand near flowing waters to the thrill of Adventure both on Desert land and the vide Mountain ranges. It is a land that caters to every palate. A land that is resplendent with such a wide range of hues and colors that simply mesmerizes.
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