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The Sun In Myth And Art
Author: Madanjeet Singh
ISBN: 9780500015988
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 1993
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Number of Pages: 400
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About Book
Since the dawn of time, civilizations have venerated the sun as source and embodiment of truth and justice, wisdom and enlightenment, physical and spiritual healing and - above all - life, growth and renewal. In this book, scholarly essays survey its creative influence on all aspects of culture - symbolism, building, literature, philosophy, beliefs, customs, sports, folklore, dance and music. The mystery of the sun has been captured by artists since primeval times: in carvings on rocks as far afield as Indonesia, Central Asia and the American Southwest. Its inspiration can be seen in artworks from Egyptian sculptures to Russian icons; classical Greek temples to Japanese paintings; Indian miniatures to the paintings of the Impressionists. In the decorative arts, solar motifs have been rendered in magnificent woven and embroidered textiles, decorated bowls, exquisite jewellery, and other objects of silver and gold. Here is an array of works from major museums, libraries, archaeological sites and sun temples across the globe. This compendium, created within the framework of the United Nations World Decade for Cultural Development, will be read with pleasure by everyone interested in art, mythology, religion, anthropology, and, of course, the sun.
About Author
Madanjeet Singh is an art historian, writer, painter and photographer of international repute. He served as Ambassador of India in several countries, and is now Special Advisor to the Director General of UNESCO, Paris.
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