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India Since 1947 : Looking Back at a Modern Nation
Author: Atul Kumar Thakur, Ed.
ISBN: 9789381523926
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2013
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Number of Pages: 340
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About Book
Writing contemporary history can be an adventure, especially in a country as diverse as India, where much happens but little is documented due to the lack of a culture of documentation. This anthology is an attempt at looking at India’s history through the eyes of an Indian – through the writings of eminent scholars and budding talent – and offering a perspective and viewpoint that is unbiased, analytical and introspective but basically Indian as opposed to a western viewpoint of India and Indian history. The thirty essays included in this volume penned by India’s leading scholars and insightful young writers, whose names feature on the cover, will establish interfaces in diverse domains and present an overview of modern India from the social history angle. Modern day India is very different from what it was in 1947, when it faced the challenges of existence. Now it struggles to develop, improve and clean up its systems in order to maximise its potential. Through first-hand accounts, this work attempts to describe how India handled the trauma of Partition and progressed further with radical changes in its socio-economic and political order. The topics dealt with cover a wide spectrum and include issues related to economic, political, socio-cultural, literary and artistic spheres. The essayists are looking back and taking stock of the progress the nation has made since independence, the reasons for the lack of it in some sectors and the advances by the nation in its march forward. A collection every discerning reader will love to own.
About Author
Atul Kumar Thakur studied, inter alia, at the Banaras Hindu University. He is a New Delhi based journalist, columnist and financial expert, with specialisation in the interface of politics and economics. He is also a literary critic with an informal record of reviewing more than a hundred books for leading publications in India and abroad. This is his first book as an Editor and Writer. He has contributed to two other anthologies – on Kashmir and the Literary History of Mithila. He is currently working on another non-fiction volume. His writings are archived at: www.onesstandpoint.blogspot.com
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