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Babudha And The Post 9/11 World
Author: Balmiki Prasad Singh
ISBN: 9780195693553
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2008
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Number of Pages: 456
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About Book
This book propounds the concept of Bahudha-an eternal reality or continuum, a dialogue of harmony, and peaceful living. It refutes widely publicized ideas about the clash of civilizations and explains how the Bahudh? approach recognizes the distinction between plural societies and pluralism, an inevitable ingredience of democratic societies. One of the lessons of 9/11 is that we are living in an inter-dependent world. The author argues that in these times of unprecedented change, old doctrines have to be transcended, and the language of dialogue needs to be reconstructed. The answer to terrorism lies in respect for human rights, and other cultures and value systems. This will go a long way in facilitating and enhancing dialogue processes eventually leading to a harmonious society and a peaceful world.
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