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THE LABYRINTH insights on alain danielou
ISBN: 9788195691197
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2024
Number of Pages: 377
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About Book
Alain Daniélou 1907-1994 is a difficult author to categorize in the Western reception of India, due to the multi-layered character of his writing. Most judgements voiced about him fail to do justice to his singular way of thinking, which is essentially related to the figure of the labyrinth.This book shows Alain Danielou not only as a thinker who dared to absorb and creatively reshape the contents of traditional Indian thought in the XX century, but also as a broad- minded humanist with manifold interests carrying out an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural work – simultaneously traditional and transgressive. The traces of Alain Danielou’s labyrinth reveal a genuine attempt to synthetize knowledge and experience, bringing together life and work, and combining elements from different cultures through an art of understanding fed by vital persuasions instead of rigid certainties.
About Author
Adrián Navigante is an Argentine-Italian poet and philosopher. He has studied Classical Philology, Philosophy and Indology, conducted research at various universities, and organized different interactions in South America, Europe and South Asia. He has authored eleven books of poetry and over thirty articles and essays of interdisciplinary nature (literature, philosophy, psychology and religious studies). He is currently in charge of a transcultural platform in Europe dealing with South-Asian, West-African and Amerindian traditions of South America.
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