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India : The Journey Of A Thousand Miles
Author: Olivier Follmi
ISBN: 9789380070339
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2010
Publisher: Om Books International
Number of Pages: 352
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About Book
Follmi looks beyond the noise, chaos, and sensory overload of the Indian streets to examine deeper truths surrounding the people and their culture. His compelling photographs convey beauty and stillness, reflection and contentment, and express a philosophy and an approach to life that is radically different from that of the West.
About Author
OLIVIER FOLLMI first traveled to India in the 1970s. Working as a guide, leading tourists on Himalayan treks, and photographing India and its people for more than twenty-five years. Born in Delhi in 1970, RADHIKA JHA was raised between Mumbai and Himalayan boarding school until she was awarded a grant to pursue her studies in the United States and England. Upon her return to India, she worked for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, traveled in Punjab and Kashmir, and published articles for the Indian press. Her first novel, Smell, won the Guerlain Prize in 2002. In 2003, she published The Elephant and the Maruti Stories.
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