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The Flag
Author: M.Lakshmanan, Ed.
ISBN: 9789380340050
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2010
Publisher: Tara Books
Number of Pages: 104
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About Book
The Flag records the astonishing - and everyday - moments of the Indian tricoloured flag. Ranging from its use as a bodily ornament to an item of trade by the poor - the flag has a host of meanings, each with a distinctive claim on the nation. Bearing witness to these claims, this book is a powerful yet accessible visual essay on identity and citizenship, national pride and political indifference. The book is a part of Tara's India Visual series, which contains collections of photography by remarkable yet largely unknown photographers from villages, towns and cities across India. They are sensitive and affectionate chroniclers of public spaces and lives, recording the changing dynamics of the Indian street. Each book in the series offers a conversation between rich and varied visual statements, arranged around a concept.
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