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Roman Portraits
Author: Ludwig Goldscheider & [Photographs By] Ilse Schneider-Lenglyel
ISBN: 9780714844367
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2004
Publisher: Phaidon
Number of Pages: 140
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About Book
Facsimile reprint of a classic Phaidon title, written and designed by the co-founder of the company, and containing 120 beautiful full-page plates of the powerfully realistic marble portraits for which the Romans were renowned Among the greatest artistic achievements of the Roman Empire are portrait sculptures. Derived from an ancient tradition of making funerary effigies, these portraits are astonishing in their realism and expressive power, and their stern humanity speaks to us across the millennia with undiminished force and directness. Roman Portraits is a unchanged reprint in slightly reduced format of a classic Phaidon plate book first published in 1940. Its distinguished author, Ludwig Goldscheider, who was one of the founders of Phaidon Press, not only wrote the text, but made the selection of images and designed the book himself. The remarkable photographs were taken by the writer and photographer Ilse Schneider-Lengyel, who was commissioned by Phaidon in the 1930s to photograph antique and Renaissance sculpture in the great museums of Europe. Portraits are always fascinating, and the powerful, brooding faces in this book have a compelling and haunting quality that will ap
About Author
Ludwig Goldscheider (1896-1973) was a distinguished art historian and book designer, and co-founder of Phaidon Press in Vienna in 1923. Ilse Schneider-Lengyel (1903-72) was a writer and photographer who specialized in sculpture. Her photographs are reproduced in two other classic works by Goldscheider, Rodin and Michelangelo, both also published by Phaidon.
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