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Buddhist Himalayas : People Faith And Nature
Author: Matthieu Ricard, Olivier And Danielle Follmi
ISBN: 9780500511015
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2002
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Number of Pages: 424
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About Book
The Buddhist Himalayas is a stunning collection of photographs of the majestic landscape and Buddhist people of the Himalayas. The authors' unique intimacy with their subject is immediately apparent in these awe-inspiring images, presenting as they do a harmonious mosaic of the unmatched richness of the civilization at the Roof of the World. The pictures are accompanied throughout by contributions from nineteen eminent specialists on the region, who reflect on the political and spiritual personalities of the Himalayan world. The book comprises four sections - 'Birth', 'Life', 'Death' and 'Rebirth' - sections that reflect not only the cycle of our existence, but also the history of the Himalayas. These elements combine to make this the definitive work of reference on the Buddhist Himalayas in the 21st century.
About Author
Olivier and Danielle Follmi are both renowned French photographers; they have both spent many 25 years sharing the lives of the Himalayan villagers and nomads. Matthieu Ricard has lived in the Himalayas for over thirty years.
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