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Ancient & Medieval Indian Costume [2 Vol. Set]
Author: Roshen Alkazi
ISBN: 9781890206459
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 2009
Publisher: Art Heritage
Number of Pages: 553
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About Book
The First volume in Roshen Alkazis series on the History of Indian Costume was titled Ancient Indian Costume. In it the author traced the evolution of indigenous costume between the 13th century B.C and 3rd century A.D., covering the invasions of the Kushan and Sakas. The emphasis was on costume as reflected in ancient Indian sculpture and sources such as the frescoes of Ajanta and Bagh. The present volume covers the Turko-Mongol people who invaded India and set up their respective empires. Accordingly it deals with Central Asian costume as must have been adapted to conditions in India. After the 13th century A.D. the Jain manuscripts and other illustrated documents provide considerable information on cloths worn by members of the royal households, both Indian and foreign and by people at various levels of society. India between 321 BC and 850AD was one of the worlds great civilizations. This book surveys the evolution of costume through the history and art of Ancient India. Each of the four chapters include a brief social history of a specific period: its costumes, headgear and hairstyles, jewellery, textiles and dyes. A note on the visual style of the art of each period serves as an additional guide to the designer. Art students, fashion designers, costume designers and illustrators for film, television and theatre will find substantial material for ready reference.
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