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Banaras walks through India's Sacred City
Author: Nandini Majumdar
ISBN: 9788174369161
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Year: 2014
Publisher: Roli Books
Number of Pages: 184
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About Book
About the book: Banaras: Walks through India's Sacred City To most first-time visitors, even those from India, Banaras appears ‘chaotic’. Its lanes are tangled and twisted, its logic hidden. Nandini Majumdar grew up in Banaras and that is how the city seemed to her as well. Perhaps that is why she wanted so much to discover Banaras. As you go on one walk after another, armed with this book, you will begin to unravel the city’s secrets as the author did. And soon, the city’s tapestry will reveal itself to you in all its rich colour and texture. Walking and wandering is an art, especially in Banaras. Enjoy!
About Author
Nandini Majumdar, an alumni of the University of California, is presently a research scholar at the University of Oxford and has been associated with NIRMAN (www.nirman.info), a non-profit organization based in Banaras that works for education, arts, and international exchange. Started by her father, Dr Som Majumdar, a well-known economist and musician, in 1988, Nandini has actively been a part of the organization since 2004 and doing research on the city’s history and working with the artisans since then. Daughter of Nita Kumar, author of one of the seminal works on Banaras.
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