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History Of Dharmasastra [ 5 Vol. Set In 8 Parts]
Author: P.V. Kane
ISBN: 11408
Binding: Hard Cover
Publishing Year: 1990
Publisher: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Number of Pages: 1996
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About Book
On November 17, 1962, the publication of the fifth and last Volume of Professor P. V. KANE’S History of Dharmasastra was formally announced by the then President of India Dr. S. RADHAKRISHNAN, and a significant landmark in the history of Indological research in this country may be said to have been thereby established. The History of Dharmasastra is a literary work which is truly magnificent both in conception and execution. Its five Volumes, which together extend over nearly 6,500 pages, seek to present the most comprehensive treatment of the religious and civil law of ancient and medieval India. And, Professor KANE has accomplished this gigantic task single-handed- incidentally, he has written down every word of the History in his own hand — and that too while he had been occupied with various other literary and public activities. As the late Dr. R. N. DANDEKAR once said, Tor Professor KANE, the History of Dharmasastra is the crowning glory of a life of great fulfillment, and, for the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, it is a matter of signal pride and honour to have been closely associated with that work”.
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